about Steve Bell

Steve Bell’s career began with a music making family, grew into a personal fascination with playing guitar, evolved into the lifestyle of a working musician and found its fruition in the musical niche of singer/songwriter.

In the late 1980’s, deep in the midst of a significant spiritual re-awakening (and a career crisis), Steve realized that his passion for crafting artful songs was incomplete without a profound connection to his Christian spirituality.

“…my faith is the governing feature of my life, so that’s what I draw on most often.”

“However, art isn’t good or valid simply because of the faith claims of the artist. True art is good and valid because it reveals some aspect of truth in a nuanced manner – and in a way that enlarges a person’s capacity for reality – despite the faith claims of the artist.”

This realization produced a wave of songs. The recording and sharing of those songs has in turn unleashed a flood of affirmation and accolades.

Eleven albums and tireless touring over 16 years have resulted in numerous awards (including JUNOs in 1997 and 2000), the sale of over 250,000 units world wide, and thousands of loyal fans. Larry Leblanc (Billboard Magazine) calls Steve “A Canadian musical treasure”.

For many Canadian independent artists, this would be a track record sufficient to suggest that it was time to rest on the laurels of the past. Instead, Steve’s inspired beginning and accomplished mid-stretch is leading him into a season marked by growing vision, passion and skill.

Steve’s newest album, Solace-For Seasons of Suffering, is a double disc compilation that offers comfort and understanding to any who suffer, with a particular bent toward those facing end-of-life challenges. It is Steve at his best, offering songs that are filled with hope while simultaneously resisting the temptation to serve up simplistic sentimentality.

This is the kind of project only deliverable by an artist that is established and exploratory. Never content with the work already done, Steve is looking ahead for new terrain. As his music has provided a passport to the wider world, his conviction about the value of good art has deepened. He has added his voice to select organizations calling for an end to extreme poverty, and has brought a renewed energy to several “in-house” projects directed to caring for those in need.

Captivating stories, crafted songs, poetry from and for the soul, evocative vocal offerings in settings of musical artistry; these are standard fare from Steve. All this, infused with a growing compassion and renewed energy, mark Solace-For Seasons of Suffering, and the ongoing musical ventures of Steve Bell.

Steve lives in Winnipeg, Canada with his wife, Nanci. Sarah, Jesse, and Micah are their teenaged children.

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  • Solace (2005)
  • Sons & Daughters (2003)
  • Waiting For Aidan (2001)
  • Simple Songs (2000)
  • Steve Bell Band – Live In Concert (1999)
  • Beyond A Shadow (1999) US release
  • Romantics & Mystics (1997)
  • The Feast of Seasons (1995)
  • Burning Ember (1994)
  • Deep Calls To Deep (1992)
  • Comfort My People (1989)
    Video / DVD
  • Steve Bell Band In Concert (1999)
  • Steve Bell – In Concert, At Home, and With Friends (1996)
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    Listening In – Conversation, Story, and Song with host Steve Bell
  • Blessings, Vol. 1
  • Can God Be Trusted, Vol. 2
  • The Music of Steve Bell (1989-1995)
  • Romantics & Mystics (1997)
  • Simple Songs (2000)
  • Waiting For Aidan (2001)
  • Juno Award - Romantics & Mystics (1997)
  • Juno Award - Simple Songs (2000)
  • Juno Nominee - Waiting For Aidan (2001)
  • Prairie Music Award - Simple Songs (2000)
  • Prairie Music Award - Waiting For Aidan (2001)
  • GMA Covenant Award - Eventide (2002)
  • Vibe Award - Male Vocalist of The Year (2003)
  • Vibe Award - Artist of The Year (2004)
  • Vibe Award - Male Soloist of The Year (2004)