Solace For Seasons Of Suffering


  “It may seem a bit odd to be excited about an album of songs called "Solace – For Seasons of Suffering", But I am. About a year ago, I received an email from a friend of mine who was then suffering from renal cancer. Ben McLean wrote rather eloquently about how some of the songs I have written and recorded over the years had sustained him and his family through the many difficulties of his failing health. And he wrote, “I want to see a ‘sustaining’ CD from Steve Bell, a compilation that would help those who are dying and those who love them – to bring peace and comfort... (and) understanding. What songs would be there? Which would help most for someone dealing with loss – the passing of a loved one – helping them face death and passing?”

Besides being deeply honoured that these songs had been useful for such a thing as end of life care, the idea Ben presented seemed very much like a project we could do, should do and would love to do. So we set out (with detailed suggestions from Ben) to cobble together a list of songs we thought would best suit such a project. Five songs chosen from earlier albums were sounding rather dated and needed to be re-recorded. We also quickly determined that an edited version of Volume 2 of the Listening In Audio Magazine, "Can God Be Trusted?", would be a fitting compliment to the 14 songs chosen for this two CD set.

As we researched the need for this kind of project we discovered that every year in Canada alone, there are around 50,000 individuals in end of life (palliative) care. How wonderful might it be if we could simply give each one a copy free of charge? The idea quickly spread and donations started coming in confirming our intuition.

So now it is completed. From the donations we have already received we have been able to give away several thousand copies to individuals, chaplains, hospital library carts, palliative care workers and families dealing with such loss. Because most of the songs are derived from ancient prayers, poems and the Psalms, I am confident Solace will be a welcome and helpful resource for the journey we all make to the One who created and sustains us through every kind of day. We sure appreciate your partnership in this work!

- Steve Bell

This two CD set is offered for purchase to individuals who wish to make personal use of it, through Signpost Music.
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