Solace For Seasons Of Suffering


Project Overview

At the heart of The Solace Project is an “easy to articulate – challenging to reach” goal. Our goal is to make Steve Bell’s album “Solace – For Seasons of Suffering” available to any suffering person that wishes to have it. “Suffering person” is a very big category. In the interest of focusing that goal, and because the album itself grew out of the wish of a dying friend, we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on making the album available to palliative and hospice care recipients and care givers.

There are three paths by which this goal may be reached.

1. The most obvious way, in music industry terms, is for people to buy the album either for themselves or as a gift for someone they know. It is available for retail purchase by individuals through our e-store ( or by phone order (1-800-854-3499). If you wish to have a single or small number of copies for personal use, this is the best option. The cost is $25.00 (Canadian) plus shipping, and if you buy two you get a third copy free.

2. The second path is volume purchase. For organizations that can afford to purchase Solace-For Seasons of Suffering as a resource for staff or volunteers to give to those in need, we offer orders of 10 or more CDs for the cost of $10.00 per unit (plus taxes and shipping).

So far, these options may sound like business as usual. It is the third path that is least conventional, and potentially confusing. Signpost Music (Steve Bell’s own independent record label), in cooperation with IncarNATION Ministries (a registered Canadian charity) has been raising funds so that we can provide Solace-For Seasons of Suffering at no cost to those in hospice and palliative care. We realized early on in the process that the best way to put this offering of musical comfort into the hands of suffering and dying people was to make it readily accessible to those who care for them every day. So far, we have raised sufficient funds to give away approximately 5000 copies. We feel that this is an encouraging and exciting beginning. Our goal is to raise enough money to give away 50,000 copies (roughly the number of people in palliative care in Canada annually).

3. The third path is to request free copies of the CD to give away to those in hospice and palliative care. Typically, such a request comes from the person who coordinates staff or volunteers providing this care. The process of assessing the suitability of the album to a particular situation and what an appropriate number of CDs would be is one of personal consultation with the Solace Project Coordinator (contact information is below). We are pleased to provide complimentary copies of Solace-For Seasons of Suffering for review as part of this process.

Steve and the Signpost Team make this offering with the hope that Solace will be “a welcome and helpful resource for the journey we all make to the One who created and sustains us through every kind of day”.

Tim Plett / Solace Project Coordinator