Solace For Seasons Of Suffering


Solace-For Seasons of Suffering is a story in two parts. Part 1 is the album itself.
Solace For Seasons Of Suffering
“Solace – For Seasons of Suffering” is a two disc album, offered in the hope of providing comfort and aiding understanding for people that find themselves in a place of suffering.
  • Disc One is a compilation of Steve Bell songs drawn from a body of work spanning almost 20 years. The songs chosen for Solace are ones that have repeatedly been affirmed by people in end of life care as having a contemplative quality of beauty, respite, healing and solace.

  • Disc Two is an audio magazine that explores the question so often raised by suffering, Can God Be Trusted?
The album can be purchased here.

Part 2 is what we call The Solace Project.
  • The Solace Project is focused on raising funds for the free distribution of Solace – For Seasons of Suffering (the album) to suffering people, with a particular emphasis on those in the end-of-life stage. Our dream is being able to offer this album to anyone who desires it.
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